Loved Me Back to Life- Celine Dion

Hey Guys,

So last night Celine Dion was on X-Factor performing her latest single.. Loved Me Back to Life. And can I just say for someone in her late 40’s she looks great! Ok, so at the start of the song I wasn’t really paying attention but once she got the chorus she definitely got my attention. So, this morning on my way to work I decided to look up her new album on GooglePlay and have a lil curious listen. Maybe it has something to with today being a Monday but I have listened to her album for the whole of today and I have to say, I absolutely love it. The last album from Celine Dion I listened to was Lets Talk About Love which till now, is one of my favourite albums of all time! What I like about the album the most it that she tried a couple of new things in the album but she still managed to sound at home on every track. Incredible her duet with Ne-yo is a perfect example of this, she also covered Water and a Flame by Daniel Merriwether and Adele which went down a darn treat!

Best track on her new album has to be her lead single Loved Me Back to Life, have a listen below. Have a blessed week guys 🙂


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