Popcorn Talk!! – Gravity

Hi Guys,

So yesterday I went to go see Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney with a friend from work. I didn’t have any first thoughts on the movie per se… I guess I just went in hoping that it wasn’t super Sc-Fi movie because I would be lost! The trailers didn’t give much away either apart from the amazing sound effects, so I pretty just went in hoping it would be a really good movie. Don’t worry, I don’t think there will be any spoilers in this, the movie itself is pretty basic.

There are only about two characters in the movie and space as a permanent backdrop with the occasional view of planet earths. And if you thought this movie was going to be about her completely lost in space then you are so right because that’s basically all it’s about! But how it managed to capture me emotionally for the whole thing is beyond me! At some parts there were real tears. My friend thought it was absolute muck and laughed for most of it, but, in all fairness she was probably the only one laughing in the cinema if you want to give any weight to her reaction to the movie. The whole movie is only about an hour and half long and if it was anything longer than that I’d say they were really pushing; there’s only so much to keep you going when you’re basically watching someone float around in space lost.

Halfway through the movie I sorta get the meaning of the movie and what being in space signifies in her life; as the movie unfolds you get a look at her character and what or who she left down on earth. This also lets you understand the build of her character and basically justifies her actions for the rest of the movie. Ok, so I can’t divulge into this whole metaphor thing anymore without giving spoilers, so I will be stopping here. I will however say this… do not go see the movie if you are not a patient movie lover. Some people go to the cinema and expect the movie to do all the work in terms of getting them engaged and revealing all the mysteries, this is not that type of movie. You’re going to have to want to connect the dots in this movie and you’re going to have to want it to mean something more. Or else, you’ll watch it and think it’s an exceptionally pointless movie about being lost in space. Plus, these characters aren’t heroes either, they weren’t up there to safe the world, they are very ordinary people who probably wouldn’t be missed if they never came back. So do not go in to see this movie expecting some Apollo 13 sorta movie because it is not! It is an elaborate metaphor for the life of a very ordinary albeit boring person.

Ok, I’m done! πŸ™‚



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