Recent Read: Marching Powder by Rusty Young

Hi Guys!  So for my book club last month we had to read Marching Powder by Rusty young which is non-fiction story about a British drug dealer, Thomas McFadden, who ends up in Bolivian prison for a couple of years.

Now, while it’s quite interesting to read about anyone’s time in any prison, San Pedro prison in La Paz, Bolivia completely steals the show in this book. It’s not like any other prison you’ve ever heard of! From the first chapter you are completely captured by the prison and the concept of living there. Some of the girls from the book club complained about the writing style of the book but I liked it. It wasn’t over written, everything in the book was told as it happens and you get to read the stories from Thomas’ head. I have to say, I’m not a fan of non-fiction but this book might as well have been fiction because the stuff that goes in San Pedro is unbelievable . The book takes you through the joy, depression, loneliness, excitement and gripping fear that comes from being in prison. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody regardless of what genre you’re use to reading, plus you learn some really neat and not so neat stuff about cocaine!

Click here  to get the book or eBook on amazon;

Till next time guys, happy reading 🙂


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